Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 4 - Mission Day!

End Of The Day
Isk: 2,808,287.57
Sell Orders: 2,313,823 (7/21)
Buy Orders: 1,516,049 (5/21)
Total Isk: 6,636,159
Skills Queue: Caldari Frigate 4 (finished trade 4 and science 4)
Time Spent on Eve: 1 Hour 47 Minutes (3 sperate logins)

I started the day off with the intention of doing the tutorial missions, and I'll be the first to admit I screwed up doing the very first tutorial.  I started the skills tutorial which provides you with a skill book, but I was in space in a pod when I started it.  All I got was a lovely error message about not enough cargo space (way to go confusing the new players CCP).  I reset the tutorial in the options menu, but it did not provide me with a new skill book.  I guess I am out one repair systems book, oh well.  I flew the 4 jumps back to the original starting system to do the rest of the tutorial

It took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete 10 missions for just one of the tutorial agents.  It is definitely worth completing these missions, though. I even received the "retail" skill book, a badger, cybernetics skill book, and tons of other stuff.  This might take a long time to get all the tutorials done, but the rewards for new players are great.  Just doing one of the missions landed me over 500,000 isk! Also, new players can actually learn a thing or two from them, and knowledge is power in this game.

Trading wise it was a slow day; nothing new to report on this front.  I am still doing the same sort of trades, but I diversified from just weapons to other ship modules.  One of the very first things I bought, Gatling Modal Laser I, still hasn't sold and is just taking up a sell order slot.  This isn't a problem at the moment, but if they do not sell off soon I'll sell them off at a lose. Stay Tuned.

Day 5: Now We're Trading

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