Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 14 - Escrow Scam or Ninja Salvage

End Of The Day
Isk: 16,273,612
Sell Orders: 92,284,197 (16/53)
Buy Orders: 96,019,675 (28/53)
Total Isk: 204,577,484
Skills Queue: Retail 5 (3 days left still) + Astrometrics 3 + Astrometric Rangefinding 2
Time Spent on Eve: 1 hour 45 minutes (4 separate logins)

First things first, I want to try to cover some new method of making money, and I am not sure what to commit to.  I could try escrow scamming next, but that would require a lot of things.  I would NEED to break one of my rules, and use some of worthless but rare inventory from my war-chest on my main.  I sorta do not want to do that, but it would be an interesting project. 

I think I might try some ninja salvaging after the weekend.  It could be a fun way to piss off some mission runners!  Ninja salvaging, for those who do not know, is the act of scanning down a mission runner and salvaging/looting there stuff. This requires a bit of practice and a fast ship.  I will keep a detailed time sheet for this mini project, because I want to post exactly how much money a player can average doing this.  I will start recording time when I reach the target mission hub, but before I launch even a single scan probe. 

Trading wise, I have nothing new to report.  I started trading in groups of ten for some items, because the margins suck in Jita on the more expensive things.  Basically, what this means is that I take a item with a buy/sell order of 300k/600k, and I put up a buy order up for ten of them, 3 mil isk. Then I try and sell the ten as fast as I can for 600k or 6 mil.  This trade would end up with a 3 million profit minus trade fees.

The problem with this kind of group trading is that I have to turn over 10 of one item, and depending on volume that can take a long time.  Ideally, it would be better to find one item at 3 million and turn over just one at 6 mil.  I found a few of these, but the volume is too slow.  I can turn over 10 of the fast moving cheap items faster then one of the 3 million item.  Actually, tomorrow will be a lesson in opportunity cost! Stay tuned!

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  1. Don't break the rules!! I want to see you make a billion in 51 days from scratch (granted you scammed some seed money already =P) Instead of Ninja salvaging, why not ask the mission runner if he's going to salvage and then there's no threat of retaliation. I know a couple lvl 4 mission runners who don't loot nor salvage so I tag behind and take their junk.