Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 11 - More Isk Making Fun

End Of The Day
Isk: 15,764,521
Sell Orders: 44,880,620 (20/53)
Buy Orders:  70,466,750 (17/53)
Total Isk: 131,093,891
Skills Queue: Retail 5 (5 days left) + Finished Training Broker Relations 3
Time Spent on Eve: 40 Minutes (5 separate logins)

The day was sort of slow, but I ended up buying a few skill books like Broker Relations.  This skills helps you keep your trading fees down.  The less fees you pay the more isk you can make.  A trader without any standing or skills is looking to pay about 2.5% in broker and account fees to turn something around.

The base broker fee is 1%, which you have to pay twice.  Once when you are trying to buy an item, and once when you are trying to sell an item.  While you are trying to sell an item you have to also have to pay a 1% sales tax.  This is why its is important to train broker relations and accounting to 5.  These two skills alone helps keep more of the isk you earn in your pocket!

Since I started this project I have spent over 7 million isk on trading fees.  Just imagine on much money is going into fees when people are trading with billions of isk.  As for the project, I am thinking about possibly moving on into a bit of region trading.  I am going to test the waters a bit today, stay tuned!

Day 12 -  150 Mil Isk Later


  1. Trading fees add up, wow! It looks as though you have done retail 5, accounting 5, broker relations to 3, and since you aren't leaving a major hub, doesn't look like you need procurement or daytrading. Am I missing any skills? Do you ever follow the certs plan, or are those more just guidelines? I personally am up to 130k starting from 0, no help and no scamming, just from following along with you, thanks for your help thus far!

  2. On a side question.. Are there any 3rd party tools you use, or could use to monitor/modify, keep track of profit? I will fill a buy order, then go to sell and without checking my logs, I will forget what my buy price was, and in not checking, if the market tanked over night I may end up selling lower then I bought. iPhone app, excel?

  3. I know one App but i think is for PC, Google EVEMO or go to :


    I think you can set it to see your wallet and trades, but can´t guarantee that is what you need.
    On the topic keep up the good posts Mate.

  4. I use a program called EMMA by ambo to keep track of my fees and stuff, but im not sure if you are able to pick up licenses for it anymore from him. Its a old program that still works, but it does not have any more support.

    Actually, I don't have accounting 5 yet but you want broker 5, accounting 5, and retail 5. When you need more trade slots you move up to tycoon and wholesale.