Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 16 - Quarter of A Billion Isk Richer

End Of The Day
Isk: 40,579,768
Sell Orders: 114,569,800 (11/53)
Buy Orders: 95,812,858 (28/53)
Total Isk: 250,962,426
Skills Queue: Retail 5 (1 days 14 hours left)
Time Spent on Eve: 25 minutes (3 separate logins)

It took 2 weeks to turn 5,000 isk into just over 250 mil isk.  It has been a pretty slow ride, mainly because of how busy I've been at work.  It goes to show you that anyone with even a little bit of extra time can make a lot of money trading.  All they need to do is update their trade alts orders a few times a day, then log back over to their main to go pew pew!

My greatest enemy at the moment is my lack of trade slots.  I hit my skill level limit hard and it is severely limiting my actions.  I've been thinking about what sort of things people want to learn about, so if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment.  I will start doing some ninja salvaging hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday.

I figured I would do something new for the official 250 mil thread, so here it goes.  This is the EMMA report for the last week.  It includes how much money was made per item, with some of the actual names blocked out.  I will release the names of everything I trade in at the end of this experiment, but be advised that it will just be a list of most things in the game. Here you go, Click to zoom in:

As you can see I made 150 million is this past week (about), but some of this is incorrect.  The trading program does not know that I reprocessed certain things to get the minerals that I sold.  It is assuming that I got all those minerals for free.  Anyways, lets shoot for 500 mil profit next week! Stay Tuned.


  1. Let me be the first to say congratulations on the milestone! Really inspiring to follow you along this far.

    Thank you for the spreadsheet breakdown, I've been curious where you were trading at, but like you said, it's anywhere and everywhere there's a profit. You mentioned the trading program, which one do you like to use?

  2. Good job turning 5k to 250k and thanks for making that spreadsheet.
    But the problem for me is, that all the things you where showing are Japanese to me, I am still to new to see what sells and what not.

  3. All the trading is happening in Jita. I use EMMA, but it is giving me a lot of errors. It's a discontinued program by AMBO that tells you how much isk you made off each item.