Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 3 - Spooky Nothingness

End Of The Day
Isk: 20,515.88
Sell Orders: 2,359,297 (7/21)
Buy Orders: 1,680,123 (4/21)
Total Isk: 4,059,935
Skills Queue: Caldari Frigate 4 (finished trade 4 and science 4)
Time Spent on Eve: 18 Minutes (4 sperate logins)

Today was an absolutely uneventful day.  I wanted to start picking up some of the trading skills like broker relations, accounting, and retail.  The problem was that they were a bit out of my budget, I guess I will have to make due with just trade 4 for now.  Actually, one thing that is a lot less restrictive then I thought it would be was the trade slots.  It is a lot easier to make due with just the 21 total slots then I thought it would be.

I am mainly sticking with weapon modules at this time, and still looking for items that can double my isk. I did, however, up the amount of isk I want to double.  I am looking to make at least 40,000-50,000 isk a trade now, but I do have one trade that makes 400,000 isk per trade.  I buy some random weapon mod at 600,000 and sell for just over a million.  There really is no science to my madness when it comes to finding what to trade.  I do what every other trader does, start at the top of the weapons list and work down.  Although, I know that I can not afford to trade large weapons so I tend to stick with small and mediums.

Tuesday or Wednesday I will start releasing how much isk I made of each item so far, assuming I can find some sort of program like EMMA as EMMA appears to be shut down at the moment.  The old version may still be working. It will just require some testing, but I will find some something that I can use as soon as I can.

Tomorrow I plan to run the starting missions(tutorial missions) for Caldari.  I guess, I should have done this sooner, but it's better late then never.  The idea of this blog is to show people that they can make money too by showing them how I do it.  I already showed you can make some seed money scamming. I guess now I'll run some missions. Stay Tuned!

Day 4: Mission Day


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 2 - Scam Successful

End Of The Day
Isk: 32,123
Sell Orders: 1,089,970 (5/17)
Buy Orders: 1,122,050 (2/17)
Total Isk: 2,224,145
Skills Queue: Trade 4
Time Spent on Eve: 21 Minutes (4 sperate logins)

Well, this sorta made me feel like cheating, but I managed to scam a total of 1.2 mil total from two people.  I used a politely worded message in local once asking for a few thousand isk so I could buy something, and two kind and gentle strangers provided me with more then enough. Newer players can avoid scamming simply by doing all the tutorial missions. They will give you more then enough isk, items, and skill books.

The very first thing I did of course was to buy the trade book, and I and now up to 17 trade slots.  I ended up getting a good deal on it as well, and only had to spend 14,000 isk on it. I decided to up my trading of course and found a killer item. It let me invest over 600,000 per item, double it per trade, and the trade volume is decent enough. Sadly, I just haven't had the time to exploit the opportunity. I also decided as well that this project will need some sort of better record keeping then screen shots.

I am probably going to end up using a program like EMMA, but it has been a while since I used any sort of program like this.  It makes me wonder if still works, or did everyone move on to the next big thing.  The program that I am facing right now is time constraints. I am just pretty damn busy, so it will be a little bit before I have this sort of data up! Stay Tuned.


Players who wise to mimic this guide are strongly encouraged to find there own trade items, and maybe even try out different trade hubs like Amarr. The key things to look for during this phase of low isk value trading are:

1.) MARGINS: At the very least you should be doubling or tripling whatever you invest.
2.) Price: Nothing too cheap. A player can triple 2 isk and get 6 isk, or they can double 20,000 isk and get 40,000 isk. What gives you the better profit?
3.) Trade Volume: There should be at least 100 trades of that item a day.
4.) Diversify: Don't put all your isk in one item. No one can predict when a seller will come along. It is always a good idea to trade in various things instead of waiting.
5.) Turn Over: Whatever you buy, sell it as fast as you can. The more isk you have, the more stuff you can buy. Turn over is always a key factor.

Day 3: Spooky Nothingness

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 1 - Starting Out

End Of The Day
Buy Orders: 2/5
Sell Orders: 1/5
Skills Queue: Caldari Frigate 3 / Science 4
Time Spent on Eve: 17 Minutes (3 sperate logins)

I decided to roll a Caldari Toon for this challenge because I am strapped for time, and it is going to be close to Jita.  I looked at my skills, and I realized new toons do not start off with the trade skill.  I figured I might want to fly a industrial eventually so I quickly started training frigate 4 and threw in science 4 as a filler.  The lack of the trade skill is going to be a bit of a set back tommorow.

I realize that new players can do the tutorials for a bunch of free skill books, ships, and modules.  I highly recommend that all new players do these tutorials; it will make things so much easier.  I decided, however, to fly over to Jita instead.  My goal is to keep my overall time down on EVE down.

I looked around at different small weapon mods and found two that had ok margins and that I could afford to trade in. I was looking for the buy order by to be at least half, if not a lot less then the sell order price. The goal was to, at the very least, double or tipple whatever I invested in an item. I also made sure that the item was at least trading at 100 units a day.

I started this challenge late in the day, but I managed to get some profit over the few hours before work.  I managed to buy both items and sell one.  I replaced both buy orders with higher quantities, and I also tried my hand at begging/scamming.  I asked in local if anyone could give me some isk so I could fit a ship, but I had to run to work.  I am not sure how it turned out, stay tuned.



 Day 2: Scam Successful

The 51 Day Challenge

I was recently reading about a few people who want to get into the game, but due to the economy they did not want to tack on the extra monthly fee.  My initial reaction was that you can easily pay for the game by trading a few times a day, but that is pretty easy once you have billions and billions of isk.  The challenge is can a new player earn enough isk to play the game for free after 51 days?

New players who join the game get a 21 day free trial and 30 days when they actually upgrade to a paid account for a total of 51 days.  They do not know anything about the game, or even have a basic understanding of how the markets work.  They simply lack the knowledge to trade effectly, and there is no way to easily remedy that situation. 

New players can read all the trading guides they want, but most are vague and never reveal details (for good reason).  They simply provide an explianation of the mechanics behind trading, and I want to do something a little deferent to teach trading to the noobs. There have been a lot of different challenges in the past where people attempt to make as much isk as possible station trading, but I am going to attempt to be extremely detailed. 

I want this to basically be a blueprint that anyone can use to make enough isk to play the game for free after 51 days.  I want this to be realistic and easy.  I do not want to limit myself with any unfair rules or regulations.  I will fully disclose what I trade in and where, but more importantly I will explain my logic for every item I picked.  The goal is to make sure players can pick different items to trade in if the ones I used have terrible margins. 

The rules I have set for myself are:
  1. No use of my already trained alts.
  2. No isk from my alts.
  3. No loans.
  4. No interaction with my friends from the secret alt.
This means everything else is fair game.  I can do anything else as long as I disclose what I did.  I can haul, region trade, scam, mission run (yeah, right), and mine (not going to happen).  Lets get this started!