Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 17 - Operation Ninja Salvage in Two Days

End Of The Day
Isk: 38,305,050
Sell Orders: 90,276,200 (26/53)
Buy Orders: 154,541,447 (28/53)
Total Isk: 282,962,426
Skills Queue: Retail 5 (14 hours left)
Time Spent on Eve: 32 minutes (3 separate logins)

Operation Ninja Salvage will begin in about 2 days, I just need to finish training some extra skills.   I need to finish training up Astrometrics 4 so I can toss in Astrometric Acquisition and Astrometric Pinpointing.  It should be fun and exciting!

Trading wise nothing new to report.  I made about 25 million isk, which is not to shabby.  I received a few questions about where I am trading, and I figured I would take a minute to explain it.  I am trading in Jita, and other to run some of the tutorial missions, I haven't left the station.  I am pretty much only dealing with ship modules, but I do buy a few things just to reprocess them.

Otherwise, this will just be just a short quick update.  Stay tuned for more exciting things!


  1. Do salvage parts have any valor ?
    Or they are just trash?

  2. Beamer - I cannot use Industrials because I'm on a 21-day trial account. Do you think trading is viable without the cargo space of an Indy?

    Thanks, really enjoying your blog and hoping to make it to PLEX heaven before my trial runs out!

  3. ^
    I have a trial account too and started with the 5k you start with, didn't run any missions for cash or scam, and I am up to 5 million in 10 days. A redo and I would have done missions to get some good starter capital. Trading is completely viable imo.

  4. Yes, trading is definately viable without the use of a industrial. I havent really left the station since i started.