Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 6 - Important Lesson Day

End Of The Day
Isk: 11,671,010
Sell Orders: 31,400,352 (24/53)
Buy Orders: 8,134,845 (8/53)
Total Isk: 51,206,207
Skills Queue: Retail 5
Time Spent on Eve: 47 Minutes (7 separate logins)

Today is the day that I share why I can not just tell everyone what to trade in.  It is not because I am worried that you will all rush in and kill any margins.  It is not because I am selfish. It is because the market is always changing, and a profitable trade can be worthless the next day.  One of my post profitable trades turned worthless overnight.  Nanofiber Internal Structure I's made me just under 5 mil in the passed few days.  Their buy orders are around 500 isk, and they sold for more then 25,000 isk.  I could turn over high quantities of these in pretty big groups of 25-50 at a time, to people who I am assuming were using them for tech 2 production.

This morning they were selling at 1,000 isk.  I think they might recover to about 15,000 isk, but only time will tell.  This is why it is important to diversify.  People should be trading in Amarr, Rens, Jita, and all the other trade hubs, and they should be trading in everything that has a nice margin.  The more a trader diversifies, the safer they will be.  I didn't take a lose with the Nanfibers, but I stopped making a profit with them.  This had no effect on my other trades that have made 5 million isk so far as-well.

This is why it is important to learn how to find your own items.  It's like the saying goes: Give a man a fish, then you feed him for the day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.  Finding things to trade in is KEY to massive profits.  If anyone has any question about finding trades just leave a comment, otherwise, stay tuned!

Day 7: Trading Questions Answered


  1. Or like they also say "Give a man a fish, then you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you can sell him fishing decoys for life" . I think I say it right. This kind of deals only work in the main trading hubs? Or can we trade in every where?
    How do you choose the things to sell?

  2. This is a good lesson for the new players too. I didn't realize how volatile the market could be! As above poster stated, with so many items on the market, where does one even start!?

  3. How much of your time do you spend doing this trading at a hub like Jita? I am testing the waters with some drones, but I am 8 jumps from Jita.

  4. 1.) The type of trading I'm doing is station hub trade, which means high volume and low margins. You can use the same principles anywhere else though, including region trading. Other places will have a lower volume but much higher margins.

    2.) There is no easy way to find things to trade. My method is I pick a group like say smartbombs. Then I go through every one of them looking for a profit margin (the difference between the highest buy order and the lowest sell order) and volume.

    3.) Again starting is the hardest thing, without a lot of isk, I would try some of the off beat trade hubs, like Amarr and Rens. As for finding specific items see number 2.

    4.) I post the time spent and the amount of times I logged in. Generally, I just update my buy orders, sell orders, and then list things for sale. That's 5 minutes of work, but if you are looking for more things to trade it can take a bit longer.

    4B.) Drones can be a good thing anywhere but Jita; the margins there are way too low. Region Wise you can pick them up on the cheap and sell them high, but its going to take some time till a buyer or seller comes along.

    Personally I like region trading, but only if you have enough trade skills. In Jita, you sorta have to babysit your orders a lot more then a dead region. Just find a niche and stick with it and expand. Take orges 2s maybe you can buy 6-10 for 300k and sell them for 1mil. Well, scale that up. Put up a buy order for 100 of them, and look into other drones, etc.