Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 21-24: Region Trading

End Of The Day
Isk: 54,298,227
Sell Orders: 137,850,395
Buy Orders: 148,112,364
Total Isk: About 339 Million
Skills Queue: Accounting 3 Marketing 4
Time Spent on Eve: 1 hour (4 separate logins)

I finally moved out of Jita to dead region around Amarr and it is much better for the limited amount of time I have to actually play the game.  I had a unexpected event happen this weekend, and I basically just logged into Eve once a day.  It also explains why my profits for the past 3 days were 9 million isk!

That is not really true representation of my profits for this weekend.  I had to spend 10 million isk on skill books, and I ran out of trade slots.  I finished retail 5 but I have not started training the next level skill wholesale.  All traders will experience this type of problem. They run out of trade slots, but they keep accumulating assets.  At the moment, I am estimating another 10 million isk in assets.  This means I made about 10 million isk a day for about 10 minutes of work a day.

That sucks!  It is the main reason behind the move to a different area of space where I am sure I can make more isk.  Trading like everything in Eve is dependent on the amount of time that a person can put into it.  It is more dependent on logging in over the course of the day then sitting down and grinding missions.  We still should be able to make a billion isk by the end of the 51 days! Stay Tuned!

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