Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 8 - 20 Mil Short of Goal

End Of The Day
Isk: 13,133,568
Sell Orders: 23,749,340 (24/53)
Buy Orders:  45,235,623 (8/53)
Total Isk: 82,118,531
Skills Queue: Retail 5 (7 days left omg)
Time Spent on Eve: 58 Minutes (3 separate logins)

I spent a little bit of time after down just baby sitting my trade orders in Jita.  Jita does have a lot of competition and sometimes it makes it annoying to try and turn a profit there.  I'm not exactly where I wanted to be after the first week because of my lack of play time due to unexpected overtime at work, and my addiction to other video games which shall remained unnamed.....ok its Minecraft...

I was hoping to be at around 100 million isk by now, but logging in three times a day to update orders is just not enough.  I would ideally want to log in every half hour or so to update trade orders, but I cant really scrounge enough free time.  Still, I'm only 20 million isk away from my goal and my weekend starts Monday (weird work schedule).

Trading wise I have expanded to other modules, but weapons are still my most profitable. I am still in Jita, but I am thinking about possibly switching to region trading in a week or two.  Mainly, so I can give everyone a example of a different kind of trading. Stay Tuned.  Any questions just comment below.

Day 9 - Mistakes Happen


  1. I can only log in once per day and is about 22:00 if lucky.
    Ah Minecraft, Know it but never tried, I just play my 20ish other games, Like to name a few Terraria, Bastion, Vampire the Masquerade just to name the most active ones. On hold I have Shogun 2 total war, Deux ex HR and so many other but that's all different story.

    But now EVE takes the major chunk of my gaming time, I still have to go to Jita since its Like 30 jumps from where I am now, but thanks to your posts I am starting to understand the Business.

  2. 80+ million in just under a week is extremely impressive to me! I am able to log in quite a bit during the day, but am homebased 8 jumps away from Jita, so I have a strong feeling that is limiting what I can do on the trading front. And daytrading is a 11mil skill so hoping for a longshot buy order on that one.

    Keep up the good work =)