Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 5 - Now We're Trading!

End Of The Day
Isk: 6,674,105.48
Sell Orders: 9,836,912 (15/45)
Buy Orders: 6,973,436 (9/45)
Total Isk: 23,484,453
Skills Queue: Retail 4
Time Spent on Eve: 58 Minutes (9 sperate logins)

This was a pretty damn good day on the market; I managed to go from 6 mil to just under 25 mil. This is 4 times the ending balance of yesterday.  At this point, I have my few good trades mostly in ship weapons that give me about 400,000 isk a trade.  I have one weapon trade that makes 4 million isk per trade.  I am still eliminating any trades that are not profitable like Gatling Modal Laser I and Limited Ion Blaster I.

At this point, I am looking for trades that make around 300,000 isk profit for less then a 1 mil investment per trade, but I still have some of my high turn over extremely high margin trades.  For these trades I look for items that are extremely fast moving, at least 1,000 trades a day, 25,000 isk or more profit, and extremely cheap. 

One thing to avoid is extremely low margin trades like drones.  Take Warrior II as an example, in Jita the highest buy order is 347,985 and the lowest sell order is 361,984.  This is a profit of 20k, but you will pay about 10k in taxes.  This would be a stupid item to get into, especially with low amounts of isk.

The way I have my UI set up is that I have my wallet orders on the right with the market on the left, side by side.  I have the buy orders set up by price so the highest priced buy order on the top.  I have the sell orders so the cheapest is on the top.  This makes it every easy to update orders, and find new trades just by randomly clicking around.  Once I find something with a nice margin I click on price history.  I use table instead of the graph, with the most recent date on top.  Here are examples of both:

I blurred out the actual orders, but I will either post a list of everything I trade in either weekly or biweekly.  I still haven't decided.  Stay Tuned!

Day 6: Important Lesson Day


  1. Interesting how much money can be made so shortly in trading, wish I had a better grasp on it. Keep up the good work!

  2. How do you know the margins you getting does it appear at market details?
    You just chose random weapons parts to sell, or since you are a veteran player you know what kind of weapons sell well?
    But liking this stuff so far keep it coming.
    The tutorial missions are OK juts did 15 of them and have 4 ships, got plenty of skill books, and about 1.5 millions ISK.

  3. 1.) No, you have to figure out the profit margins yourself. Simply put, a profit margin is the difference between the highest priced buy order and the lowest priced sell order.

    2.) Actually, that is a hard question to awnser. I guess since I know what I am doing I go to the stuff that is likely to have a nice profit margin, but I do look at everything. While looking at trades, I have clicked on single weapon looking at margins and volume.