Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 1 - Starting Out

End Of The Day
Buy Orders: 2/5
Sell Orders: 1/5
Skills Queue: Caldari Frigate 3 / Science 4
Time Spent on Eve: 17 Minutes (3 sperate logins)

I decided to roll a Caldari Toon for this challenge because I am strapped for time, and it is going to be close to Jita.  I looked at my skills, and I realized new toons do not start off with the trade skill.  I figured I might want to fly a industrial eventually so I quickly started training frigate 4 and threw in science 4 as a filler.  The lack of the trade skill is going to be a bit of a set back tommorow.

I realize that new players can do the tutorials for a bunch of free skill books, ships, and modules.  I highly recommend that all new players do these tutorials; it will make things so much easier.  I decided, however, to fly over to Jita instead.  My goal is to keep my overall time down on EVE down.

I looked around at different small weapon mods and found two that had ok margins and that I could afford to trade in. I was looking for the buy order by to be at least half, if not a lot less then the sell order price. The goal was to, at the very least, double or tipple whatever I invested in an item. I also made sure that the item was at least trading at 100 units a day.

I started this challenge late in the day, but I managed to get some profit over the few hours before work.  I managed to buy both items and sell one.  I replaced both buy orders with higher quantities, and I also tried my hand at begging/scamming.  I asked in local if anyone could give me some isk so I could fit a ship, but I had to run to work.  I am not sure how it turned out, stay tuned.



 Day 2: Scam Successful

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