Friday, October 28, 2011

The 51 Day Challenge

I was recently reading about a few people who want to get into the game, but due to the economy they did not want to tack on the extra monthly fee.  My initial reaction was that you can easily pay for the game by trading a few times a day, but that is pretty easy once you have billions and billions of isk.  The challenge is can a new player earn enough isk to play the game for free after 51 days?

New players who join the game get a 21 day free trial and 30 days when they actually upgrade to a paid account for a total of 51 days.  They do not know anything about the game, or even have a basic understanding of how the markets work.  They simply lack the knowledge to trade effectly, and there is no way to easily remedy that situation. 

New players can read all the trading guides they want, but most are vague and never reveal details (for good reason).  They simply provide an explianation of the mechanics behind trading, and I want to do something a little deferent to teach trading to the noobs. There have been a lot of different challenges in the past where people attempt to make as much isk as possible station trading, but I am going to attempt to be extremely detailed. 

I want this to basically be a blueprint that anyone can use to make enough isk to play the game for free after 51 days.  I want this to be realistic and easy.  I do not want to limit myself with any unfair rules or regulations.  I will fully disclose what I trade in and where, but more importantly I will explain my logic for every item I picked.  The goal is to make sure players can pick different items to trade in if the ones I used have terrible margins. 

The rules I have set for myself are:
  1. No use of my already trained alts.
  2. No isk from my alts.
  3. No loans.
  4. No interaction with my friends from the secret alt.
This means everything else is fair game.  I can do anything else as long as I disclose what I did.  I can haul, region trade, scam, mission run (yeah, right), and mine (not going to happen).  Lets get this started!

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